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There are 4 categories for mail: First Class, Periodical, Standard and Parcel. We work with all categories. Most mail is done either as First Class or Standard.

 In order to give you the most accurate quote, we need to know some information about the details of your mail piece and mailing list.

Postage is determined by size of the mailing piece and its weight. Certain sizes and shapes of mail will have postal surcharges added. We will help you design your mail piece to avoid surcharges or higher postage because of the design. This can include the layout itself and the color of paper. If your piece is already printed, we will work to get the best rate available.

Below are some of the questions we would ask in order to give you an accurate quote.

  • How many pieces do you intend to mail?

  • What type of piece--Postcard, Self-mailer, Letter, Flat, or Box?

  • Is it printed on coated-stock (glossy)? What does it weigh, or if you mailed just one, how much postage would you pay? Is the mailing going mostly in Houston, around the state, or across the country?

  • Do you have a mailing permit and if so, from which Post Office? (If you do not have a mailing permit, you can use ours.) What Mail Class can you use--First Class, Standard or Non-profit?

  • Do you need a mailing list? Residential, business? Other criteria--Apartments, house value, income level, etc.

  • Do you have a mailing list, and if so what format is it (text, Excel, Access database, other)?

  • What needs to be done to your mailing--Insert, seal, fold, tab, apply postage, address, sort, etc.?

  • When do you want it in the mail?

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